Frequently Asked Questions About Masters Swimming

Who We Are

We’re adult fitness swimmers (18 and over) who live all over Central Oregon. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, goals, skills, and walks of life. Some have lifetime swimming backgrounds, some have recently started in our adult programs, and some are even self-taught. All share a love of swimming and a dedication to fitness through swimming. We welcome fitness swimmers, competitors and triathletes. We’re the current state champions in both pool and open water venues.

Where We Swim

COMA is blessed with access to excellent public and private facilities throughout the area. The flagship pool is Juniper Swim & Fitness Center in Bend. Other sites include the Athletic Club of Bend, the Cascade Swim Center in Redmond, the Sisters Athletic Club and the Madras Aquatic Center.

Swim practice at the public pools in Bend, Redmond and Madras is open to anyone–you only need to pay the appropriate admission fee to use the facility. Membership in the private clubs is required to participate in masters practices there. The Juniper center offers 14 weekly practices – morning, noon and night. Practices normally last 75 minutes, including warm-up, drills, sets, and cool down.

Our coaching staffs and sponsoring pools welcome all interested swimmers to experience practice and the camaraderie of like-minded athletes. For those wishing to challenge themselves through competition, masters swimming offers plenty of opportunity with meets year-around and open water swims and triathlons in the summer.

A COMA Membership

COMA actively supports a large variety of activities for the local adult swimming community, including meets, clinics, fitness challenges, social events and service opportunities. COMA members pay nominal annual dues to support these events. With your membership you will receive a team newsletter ComaMotion; a COMA swim cap, one free stroke clinic and lots of other benefits.

COMA operates within the framework of United States Masters Swimming, the national organization that promotes fitness and competitive swimming for adults, and Oregon Masters Swimming, the state branch of the national body. While it is not required to join these organizations to participate in practices at COMA training sites, your local membership into masters swimming can open the door for you to the state, national and international swimming community. Membership in these organizations gives everyone a voice in the direction that masters swimming takes locally and beyond.

Masters Swimming Myths

MYTH: I’m too slow
No! Lanes are set up by abilities, from beginners to champions.

MYTH: I have to know all the strokes
No! We’ll teach you. We offer instruction in practice and clinics so that you can learn to be a well-rounded swimmer.

MYTH: It’s too high-powered
No! Every swimmer can find an appropriate fitness challenge at every practice.

MYTH: It’s all about competition
No! Some of us compete often, some occasionally, and some never. It’s entirely up to you.

MYTH: I’m not ready.
No! If you can swim 500 yards continuously, you’re ready. So don’t delay!

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